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Movement & Spirit
Natural Healing for Better Vision

with Pnina Zohara, CMT
Healer | Teacher | Neuromuscular Bodyworker | Movement Instructor

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   Meet Pnina Zoharah

Vision Specialist & Healer

Internationally known healer, teacher, neuromuscular bodyworker, and movement instructor, Pnina found her passion for healing in response to a difficult family experience in 1988 when her mother became ill with multiple sclerosis (M.S.). In her search searched for ways to help her mother heal, Pnina discovered the Center for Self
Healing, and trained with Meir Schneider, who healed himself from blindness. Pnina studies continued in energy healing, spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, emotional release work, dance therapy, qigong, and pilates. Pnina knowledge and experience in body-mind connections helped her found Movement and Spirit, a self-healing technique, and Yoga for the Eyes, where she integrates movement, meditation, energy
healing and nature in her workshops and private sessions.

Meet Pnina
Why Naturopathy

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What I Do

Our daily lifestyles expose us to unnatural amounts of electronic light from screens of all kinds which can impair our vision, increase stress, compromise our posture and harm our overall well-being. Yoga for the eyes revitalizes the muscles, tissues, and nerves around the eyes improving our vision while strengthening our entire bodies and restoring our energy.

In addition to Yoga for the Eyes, I also conduct workshops and therapies in Body Work / Energy Healing / Emotional Release Work, and I provide one-on-one Vision Consultations. My work uses movement and touch in a holistic approach for better vision and general wellness.

Yoga for the Eyes, how and why it works:

1. The Brain, the Body, and the Eyes - Our eyes are the closest organ to the brain. They even
share some of the same tissue. Any change in brain chemistry and function affects our eyes and
entire body. Stress or tension in the neck and shoulders influences circulation to our muscles and
nerves in and around the eyes. Yoga for the Eyes trains our brain, body and eyes to work
holistically for better vision and overall wellness.
2. Movement Therapy for the Eyes - Conscious, slow, gentle movements reprogram movement
patterns and body posture with healthy habits. Together with visualization, movement therapy
reawakens nerves and muscles, increases circulation to our eyes, and improves coordination and
3. Light and Dark Meditation - Our vision depends on the ability of our eyes to observe light and
relax in the dark. Yoga for the Eyes teaches our eyes to create better relationships with the light
of the sun and the dark of the night. Light and Dark meditation and visualization awakens unused
muscles and nerves, relaxes our eyes, and helps increase our ability to observe more light
allowing us to see better.
4. Self-Massage - Blinking is how our eyes massage themselves. Computers and cell phones not
only cause eye strain and reduce peripheral vision but decrease blinking. Yoga for the
Eyes techniques wake up the nerves and tissues in and around our eyes improving eye activity
and eye function.
5. Nature and Vision - People who live and work in nature have better vision. Being outdoors
with wide vistas where our eyes are constantly shifting between near and far helps us to develop
good peripheral vision. Yoga for the Eyes sessions are mostly conducted in nature. Movement
and meditation experienced in nature deepen our connection to shades of light from nature’s vast
spectrum of colors, resulting in clearer, better vision.

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               Spring Workshops 2023 






Spring Online Classes 

Join me for 3 online workshops Sunday mornings from 10:00 -11:00 am
March 19, March 26, and April 2,

Price: $50 for one class                          or $125 for 3 classes  



March 19 - Spring for Better Vision 

Your vision depends on how much light your eyes can observe. Learn how to exercise your eyes in a neutral light. Learn how flowers and trees can help you improve your vision as well as increase your peripheral vision. All this and more can help you prevent cataracts and rid you of your glasses. 

March 26 - Preserving your vision in front of your computer and phone 

Did you know that you can still preserve your vision though you are overusing your computers and phones? In this class, you will learn simple tools and exercises that you can do while working at your computer and using your phone. You will also learn how to relax your neck shoulders and posture while in front of your computer. 
April 2 - Spring Emotional Cleansing 

The world is changing so fast and we all are trying to keep up with these metrics of life, some people are experiencing fear, anxiety, and grief. Some are trying to cope with the fast pace of life and don't have time to feel their emotions. In this class, you will learn powerful tools that will help you clear and balance your emotional energy and stay grounded as you go through your daily challenges. 

It is not too late to rejuvenate your body and soul, this is what spring is all about!!!


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Workshops and Classes 

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What Participants Are Saying...

"Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined 6 hours comfortably without my glasses especially given that I've worn glasses since I was 6 and have yet to find someone with a higher prescription than mine! The post-workshop shifts have been spectacular.  I can actually hear my body/soma again. The exercises you gave us are quite the workout for the nervous system but oh so easy and pleasurable to do. I find that they easily integrate into my daily routines and I actually enjoy doing them.  I'm looking forward to continuing with the certification with you.  Much love to you for sharing your amazing gift of healing vision on all levels with us." — Erika 


"Pnina’s simple, active self-care movements, have improved my vision in a 1-day workshop ­­— besting other vision classes by a long shot as the improvements stuck! Directly after class, I could read all the overhead signs and see all the product labels without squinting or leaning closer. Going to the grocery store, I drove without my glasses safely as night was falling because I could SEE! My posture has improved. And my happiness! I’ve incorporated the tapping in bodywork with clients and have seen amazing results: deeper relaxation and embracing life more. I am thrilled to know that “this is it” as my vision stays improved/improves." — Stephanie Wilger of “Health Happens”

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"Great Yoga for the Eyes workshop that came at just the right time. Needed my physical energy flow unblocked which Pnina was able to facilitate where others had not. Being given permission to rest prior to feeling tired has increased my awareness of how so very important that is for my overall health. Time to stop this computer stuff and rest my eyes." — Thanks, Rodney

"Pnina’s Yoga for the Eyes workshop is amazing. I was definitely seeing clearer and sharper by the end of class. My body was relaxed and loose…no eye strain at all! The exercises were easy and fun to do. Pnina’s approach is revolutionary. I recommend it highly!” — Norma Novy


"Thanks, Pnina for a wonderful session on the beach in Jaffa. At the beginning of our previous session, I could only read the top three rows of the eye chart, and at the end of the session, suddenly I had a moment of clarity, when I could read down to the bottom row. That moment has stayed with me and given me confidence that my vision will improve. With your guidance I am beginning to understand that vision is related to emotions, and if I want to improve my vision, Thank you."

— Ava 

“I was diagnosed with MS disease in 2014, and as a result my I lost my peripheral vision. The doctor predicted degenerative blindness, but fortunately I met Pnina, and we began working on the beach with movement therapy, meditations and emotional release work… suddenly, not only did my vision get much better but my balance and body got stronger. With Pnina’s help I changed my life style and started my days relaxing and healing on the beach. Thank you Pnina.”  

— Rem

"Dearest Pnina, Thank you so much for sharing your immense passion and expertise with us at your Yoga For Eyes Workshop! As I shared, it was very 'eye opening' to be able to go all day without my progressive glasses and see well enough to enjoy the wonderful Redwoods and all it's surroundings! Your many processes that we did throughout the day made a big difference and really left me feeling empowered to continue to have the benefits for my eye's well-being! I didn't even need to use eye drops during the day, which typically I use numerous times daily! I have a new appreciation and gratitude for my eyes that take in all of the beauty and life experiences through them! With so much Gratitude!"

— Cheri

"I attended an all day workshop with Pnina in Yoga for the Eyes in the Forest at Roy's Redwoods. I was so impressed with Pnina's guidance and leadership of this workshop.  She is a skilled healer, full of information, wisdom, and compassion.  Although the workshop was focused (no pun intended) on the eyes, the day stressed the importance of regulating the nervous system and the connection of relaxation to eye care and health.  We did a lot of fun exercises including a short hike, working with art materials (with eyes closed), breathing, movement exercises, noticing nature, and more. Previous to attending this workshop, I had a series of 10 sessions once weekly to help with anxiety. I highly recommend Pnina as a teacher and healer."

— Marcia, West Marin, CA


Vision Consultation | Movement for Vision | Body Work
Energy Healing | Emotional Release Work


Vision Consultation


When beginning to work with Yoga for the Eyes we address  the issues of your vision in an holistic way. In this vision consultation, Pnina will ask you questions about your vision and overall health so she can help you understand and identify what might be affecting your vision.


This consultation session will help determine what the problem areas are that need healing and support. It may be an emotional, mental, or physical issue. Approaching inner and outer vision together can help not only your eyesight but your entire body, mind, and spirit.


This session can be done long distance, by phone, online by Skype/Facetime/Zoom and in person.

Pnina_Zohara_with eye vision chaar.jpg

Movement for Vision

In this session we will examine how posture, and tension in the body affects your vision. You will be given exercises  that will suit your body condition.


This session is usually done in nature by immersing yourself into shades of light and dark. You will connect to a variety of space distances and the natural healing properties of nature. This will help your eyes to observe more light, develop sharper peripheral vision, and relax each individual part of your body.


This valuable method will help you increase the communication of your brain function with the rest of your body, so you can move your body with balance and full potential. This session can also be done long distance by phone, online by Skype/Facetime/Zoom, and in person


Body Work

Energy Healing

Emotional Release Work 

One of Pnina's special services is therapeutic massage, energy healing, and spiritual wellness. Her gentle and sensitive touch is designed to wake up and then relax the nervous system. This special massage directly works on muscles and nerves that are connected to the eyes, allowing a deep relaxation and circulation flow that will help improve your eyesight and rejuvenate every part of your body. Pnina’s self healing method can help your posture, back, neck, shoulders and vision problems as well as myopia, cataract, glaucoma, astigmatism, and other neuromuscular diseases.


In addition, Pnina works with somatic healing, emotional release, and energy healing to help identify and address the cause of a problem. She is able to tap into underlying energies that can manifest as illness. This powerful method facilitates the client’s self-healing process and illuminates the path to wellness. Self-healing sessions are empowering and meet the specific needs of the client, while at the same time motivating them to take charge, observe, and understand the capacity of their body’s ability to heal itself.


Energy healing and emotional release work can also be done by phone or online and in person.


Your Health Starts Here

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Pnina Zohara

Vision Coach, CMT

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